Our mission is to share knowledge of the craft and science of fermenting, build our skills as brewers and fermenters, and foster camaraderie focused around a shared enthusiasm for fermenting and enjoying fermented beverages.

Upcoming Events

Club Meeting - October 3, 2023

-Educational Topic - Beverage Glasses

-Style Discussion - 30C: Winter Seasonal Beer

-Brew-To-Style Challenge: Best Of Show - Fresh Hopped Beverages

Club Meeting - November 7, 2023

-Educational Topic - M1A: Dry Mead

-Style Discussion - 3B: Czech Premium Pale Lager

-Brew-To-Style Challenge: 19B: California Common

Club Meeting - December 5 2023

-Educational Topic - Prohibition

-Style Discussion - Stouts (15B-C, 16A-D, 20B-C)

-Brew-To-Style Challenge: 27: Historical Beer: Pre-Prohibition Porter