Our mission is to share knowledge of the craft and science of fermenting, build our skills as brewers and fermenters, and foster camaraderie focused around a shared enthusiasm for fermenting and enjoying fermented beverages.

Upcoming Events

Society Meeting - March 5, 2024

-Style Discussion - Oktoberfest Beer Styles

-Brew-To-Style Challenge: 3B: Czech Premium Pale Lager

Society Meeting - April 2, 2024

-Educational Topic - Belgian Beers

-Style Discussion - 24A:Witbier

-Brew-To-Style Challenge: BOS Spring Beverages

Society Meeting - May 7, 2024

-Educational Topic - Aroma Sensory Experience

-Style Discussion - 5B: Kölsh

-Brew-To-Style Challenge: 2A: International Pale Lager

If you have any suggestions for future educational or style discussions, or you would like to volunteer to deliver one or more of the discussions, please send a message to info@peninsulafermentation.club

PFS Meeting Calendar